General Manager

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General Manager


The resilience of New ZAMCELCO, in this times of crisis, testifies to the sustainability and adaptability of this enterprise. Today, in confronting the widespread and growing High Systems Loss, Poor Power Reliability and Voltage Quality that has been the corollary of prevailing inefficient patterns of growth that directly affects the services delivered towards our member-consumer owners.

Relatively, our Member-Consumer Owners (MCO’s) can rest assure that the new management and its employees are focused to meet their projected needs to distribute a reliable and affordable electric energy but as the saying goes, “It Takes Two To Tango,” the New ZAMCELCO is likewise calling out its MCO’s to be prompt in paying their monthly electric bills, religiously stop pilferage and thift of electricity in order to meet our common goals. Again, as we work through problems, we humbly address our MCO’s for their patience as not everything can be fix overnight.

Effective New ZAMCELCO Leadership and Management ideals and action are much needed who are more than willing to carry the burden of the tasks, to mold this cooperative into a New ZAMCELCO with its primary objective to provide a world class and a competent reliable electric service.

The New ZAMCELCO now dares on building a lasting foundation for low system’s loss, stable power reliance and voltage quality, robust growth on career for its employees and a stable financial system of the cooperative to do this it requires early action in the face of uncertainty. It will require not only good ideas, hard work and difficult adjustments but also collaboration, cooperation and coordination both internally and outwardly.

We shall do our very best that to the soonest, the New ZAMCELCO services shall be closely as tailored to your needs. Together, let us work hand in hand with the LGU and other related government and private sectors for the attainment of this vision.

In a number of crucial respects, our picture today is better than it was years ago. While serious vulnerabilities remain and hard work lies ahead, it is important that we don’t lose sight of how far we have come.


“Developing a shared understanding of the challenges, and working towards common solutions, is what the New ZAMCELCO is all about. As it should be throughout its history, the New ZAMCELCO will pursue this core mission from then on.”