HORA DE ZAMCELCO: A Medium to Educate and Inform

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As misinformation and disinformation have been peddled easily nowadays over social media, the new management of Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative under the investor-manager, CROWN INVESTMENT HOLDINGS Inc. AND DESCO Inc. partnered with local radio stations here in Zamboanga City to help disseminate correct information to the public.

Aired over Radio Mindanao Network every Friday from 10 am until 11 am, HORA DE ZAMCELCO, the one hour program serves as an avenue to educate and inform the member-consumers about the programs, plans, and other endeavors of the new management, in a bid to improve the services of ZAMCELCO.

The new ZAMCELCO also partnered with BRIGADA News FM to air a 30-minute program every Saturday from 9:30 am until 10:00 am.

Anchored by John Abas, head of the Membership Services Division, a wide array of topics and issues are discussed and expound for member-consumers’ better understanding.

On Friday’s episode over RMN, the program highlighted the massive disconnection of delinquent member-consumers in pre-identified villages, who failed to settle their monthly power bill obligations. This operation was suspended last March due to the COVID-19 pandemic; however, this has been re-intensified this September to boost collection efficiency. Timely payment of power bills forms part of the obligations and responsibilities of a member-consumer, as the new management of ZAMCELCO must also pay their monthly power bills to power suppliers.

Also, it was discussed the extensive anti-pilferage campaign of new ZAMCELCO, which contributes to the system’s loss of the distribution utility. Adapting a holistic approach to address this problem, the new ZAMCELCO appeals for active support and participation of the community, to somehow lessen the power pilferages and put pilferers behind bars. Meanwhile, you can also catch Hora de ZAMCELCO over Facebook Livestream @ZAMCELCOPAGE.

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