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Honest Security Guard of Zamcelco Returns found Cash To Owner

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Faith in humanity is never lost as the security guard of ZAMCELCO chose honesty over money she found during her duty at the Consumer Account Division.

The honest Lady Guard Salazar, GFI found a folded cash and was approached a few minutes later by a member-consumer named Mr. Nicanor T. Reambonanza, the owner of the cash. She then returned the money after quizzing, Mr. Reambonanza who have correctly guessed the corresponding denomination of money in her hand.

This is not the first time Lady Guard Salazar was able to return valuables found in the vicinity of ZAMCELCO, as she recalled sometimes a year or two, she found a wallet at the bench of the lobby area and returned the same to the rightful owner as witnessed by some guards on detail that time and other ZAMCELCO personnel.

Lady guard Salazar, GFI was given recognition by the management for her deed and for being a good example to the community.

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