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As part of the Technical Programs of the New ZAMCELCO, the management has started the upgrading projects for the New Recodo Substation. This project aims to address the overloading issues of our existing Substations and at the same time provide a reliable supply to our MCOs, especially to our Industrial Consumers on the west coast.

This project started construction on January 2022, and as of March 23, 2022, the substation upgrade has already begun excavation for the foundation. The New Recodo Substation is expected to be accomplished and energized by May 31, 2022.

Hence, areas under the Recodo Feeder may experience a series of scheduled power interruptions due to this ongoing project. The new ZAMCELCO management is currently employing double efforts to improve and provide quality services and a stable power supply to its Member-Consumer-Owners.

We ask for your patience and understanding.

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