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NEW ZAMCELCO UPDATE | ZAMCELCO meets with MCOPE Officers on their Quarter Meeting to discuss the New Lifeline Act and Barangay MCOPE Accomplishments and Concerns

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12 July 2023 – Wednesday, the Chairmen of the Barangay Officers of the Member-Consumer-Owners Program for Empowerment (MCOPE) wrapped up their 2nd Quarter Meeting, and also with an Information-Education-Communication (IEC) Seminar on the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 11552, also known as the “New Lifeline Act”, held at the ZAMCELCO Gymnasium.

The session primarily focused on the existing lifeline rate discount, the introduction of the New Lifeline Act, and the differences between the two programs.

In ZAMCELCO’s efforts and initiatives to widely disseminate information regarding the New Lifeline Act, Member Services Division OIC-Supervisor, Engr. Kent Bonifacio, of the Institutional Services Department, discussed the background and purpose of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 11552, the lifeline consumption threshold, the grant of lifeline rate to qualified marginalized end-users (QMEs), the validity period of the grant, and the documentary requirements needed for the application of the QMEs.

The officers actively participated in the Open Forum as various issues, concerns, clarifications, and some recommendations were raised and presented regarding the full implementation of the said program by August 2023.

Following the seminar, the MCOPE Officers were gathered in districts they represent to review and discuss all of their accomplishments for the second quarter; moreover, complaints and concerns were discussed with ZAMCELCO officials and personnel.

The meeting was attended by ISD-MSD Employees, Chief Administrative Officer Mr. JV Faustino, General Manager Engr. Gannymede B. Tiu, and Corporate Secretary/Board of Director/EC-Wide MCOPE Chairperson Dir. Daisy M. Tangon. Also present were Chief HR Officer Ms. Claudine Enriquez and Legal Officer, Atty. Lacastesantos, and the ISD Manager Atty. Sara May Alijuddin.




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